Monday, February 2, 2009

JB's in San Francisco at the moment

I called him at his hotel, and we had a quite nice chat. I’m severely deaf and I ended up getting Patty my significant other and occasional “Hearing Ear Person” to help me figure out what he was saying. I have to say his voice was not at all what I expected. For one thing, JB has a low, soft, cultured voice. Patty was impressed ( There you go Havoc, the Girls DO respond to the Accent). I (thank you Paul Hogan) was expecting something a little louder, and with a “harder”accent…

Paul Boylan did California and Californians proud, and took him around San Francisco and out to lunch. JB had a marvelous time. Thanks Paul!

I invited him out for a beer, his schedule permiting as my only free day is Tuesday (and I have to be at work at 1am Wed. morning) and he’s gonna be very busy… I’ll meet him at his hotel on Tue Afternoon… I wish we both had the time, I’d take him out to the Napa Valley for the wine tasting tour…. JB is a way cool guy…


  1. I will be facinated to hear what you think after meeting him in person. There is always that preconcieved notion of a person you have until you actually meet them.

    He's a good guy, you'll enjoy the drink.

  2. Have fun - but that picture on your blog has way too much hair on it - I think it is about 20 years old...

  3. Nautilus, John is a genuinely nice guy, who made time out of his busy schedule to visit with an online buddy. I found him to be spontaneous, good matured and friendly. He talks knowledgeable about a great many subjects and I found that I truly enjoyed his company. I'll gladly get together with JB anytime!
    GB, So true... I chose that picture so as to not put JB in the position of having to maneuver without every Tom, Dick, and Henrietta from the US Blogosphere accosting him on the street. That sort of thing is probably entertaining the first few times, but I think it can become a Drag very quickly. I'm sure that JB can handle it, but he really ought to be able to enjoy his visit to the States...